The J Cool Lanyards
The J Cool Lanyards
Nylon Lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.5", Metal J-Hook Attachment
 Maple Heights Mustangs Custom Lanyards
Maple Heights Mustangs Custom Lanyards
Nylon Lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 36"; width is 0.75", Metal Key Ring Attachment
Johnson Controls Nylon Lanyards
Johnson Controls Nylon Lanyards
Nylon Lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 40"; width is 0.75", Retractable Badge Reel attachment
 DECA Lanyards No Minimum
DECA Lanyards No Minimum
Nylon Lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 36"; width is 0.75", Metal Key Ring Attachment
DealerSocket Personalized Lanyards
DealerSocket Personalized Lanyards
Nylon lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 36"; width is 1", Metal Bulldog Clip attachment
Blue Blank Nylon Lanyards
Blue Blank Nylon Lanyards
Nylon Lanyard without Printing, Length is 34"; Width is 0.75", "No-Flip" Plastic Hook attachment
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Nylon Lanyards

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  •  The J Cool Lanyards
  •  Maple Heights Mustangs Custom Lanyards
  • Johnson Controls Nylon Lanyards
  •  DECA Lanyards No Minimum
  • DealerSocket Personalized Lanyards
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Nylon Lanyards-Another Good Option

What Are Nylon Lanyards?

Same as polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards are also a kind of webbing that based on the raw material classification. They are mainly made of nylon filament yarn, nylon shaped filament yarn, nylon high elastic yarn, nylon semi-dull filament and other quality materials.


Double-Nylon-LanyardsCompare with polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards have the following advantages.

l Colorful, solid, smooth and shiny

l Good wear resistance in both dry and wet conditions

l Strong dyeing performance

l Poor light resistance, the color of the regular light will change and the strength will decrease, and there will be water shrinkage.

Application Area

They can be widely used in fashion, footwear, gift packaging, hats, tag badges, Chinese knots (ropes), decorations, business card lanyard, id badge holders, headphone cord, hair accessories, DIY handmade jewelry, etc.

Nylon lanyards—an Alternative Good Choice


Nylon is easy to dye, according to this feature, it also can be colored at low temperatures. Generally, they are more suit for dye sublimated printing. However, it must get special heat transfer treatment before starting this process. This high quality lanyard material can be full-colored with lots of complex patterns. You can design any style pattern to customize personalized lanyards with names.

Any complicated patterns can be printed on your custom nylon lanyards through this process. Meanwhile, the high quality of nylon will make your pattern more everlasting. No matter which process you choose, Lanyards custom will do our best to make the highest quality lanyards for you.

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How to Identify Nylon Lanyards and Polyester Lanyards

Normally, it is difficult to distinguish which one is a polyester lanyard, which one is a nylon lanyard, if these two lanyards are placed together at the same time. However, there is a smart solution. You can judge by its smoothness and thickness. If you feel it is a little bit tough and uneven when you touch it, you can basically make sure it’s polyester lanyard. Nylon lanyard is obviously thicker and smoother than polyester.

How to Customize Lanyards

Flow chart of customizing lanyards

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