What Kind of Lanyards Can be Customized ?

polyester lanyards

Polyster Lanyards

1.High strength

  2.High heat resistant

      3.Good wearability

Wonderful Lanyards For You to Choose!

Wonderful Lanyards For You to Choose!

Tubular Lanyards

Tubular Lanyards

1.Hollow structure

2.Strong bearing capacity

3.Soft and Comfortable

dye sublimated lanyards

Dye Sublimated Lanyards     


                  2.Complex Design


nylon lanyards

Nylon Lanyards

          1.Smooth and shiny

       2.Strong dyeing ability


woven lanyards

Woven Lanyards

1.Unique Texture


              3.High color fastness

What do You Need to Consider Before Customizing ?

Lanyards can be seen on many occasions. For example, the employee's work card lanyard in the company, exhibition lanyard at the exhibition, id badge holder, id card holder, etc., the careful friends will find that the lanyard of each company is different. In fact, the lanyard can be customized according to the needs of each company, so what do we need to consider in the process of custom lanyards?

When order custom lanyards, we must first consider the following basic aspects: the choice of the printing process, the occasion where the custom lanyards should be used, the lanyard material, attachment of lanyards and the appropriate length of the lanyard.



The Choice of Printing Process

Custom Lanyards actually could be divided into dye-sublimated lanyards and silkscreen lanyards. The cost of printing process will have some differences depending on the printing process, and the production cost does not determine the final effect.

For simple text and picture printing, then, you hope to highlight the logo. It is better to choose a simple silk screen printing process. If your pattern is colorful and complex, then, you want to highlight the whole harmony on your cusotm lanyards . It is better to choose the dye-sublimated printing process.


Use Occasions

You should fully consider the occasion of use when designing custom lanyards. Be careful not to destroy the main product. As far as digital products are concerned, it is generally not necessary to use metal lanyard attachments because they will wear out the outer shackles, which is a big problem. There are many other things, such as color, material, etc., which should be considered in lanyard designs.




Polyester is a material that is easy to get and inexpensive. It is quite popular because it has lots of advantages such as high quality, durable, good wearability etc. Therefore, Polyester lanyards are more widely used than other lanyards. Normally, if you want to customize lanyards for school, company or hospital, and only need to print only organization’s name or logo on the lanyard. Compare with polyester lanyards, the cost of nylon lanyards is a little bit higher, smoother and thicker, that means,  they are more durable. 

Besides, the nylon yards are usually applied to dye-sublimated printing process and the complex picture can be printed on them. They are more profitable to promote a company’s brand or image on some special occasions. 



Length is a very important parameter, not the longer the better. It should look good when paired up. The lanyard should be customized according to race, height and age. If you do not pay attention to these factors, it will be very unattractive and will cause great inconvenience to the users. For European and American customers, custom lanyards are generally defined at 45CM or a little bit longer than that, while Chinese and surrounding clients are generally defined at around 42CM.



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Two Types of Custom Lanyards That You Must Own

purple key lanyard

1. Keychain Lanyard

Keys are often easy to be misplaced or forgotten somewhere, especially when these keys are scattered and being passed from person to person.  The number of times that your keys go missing will be greatly reduced if you have a key lanyard for keys. Car keys, home keys, company keys, I believe no matter what kind of keys are, they are all quite important for you. You will be very anxious when lost them.

2.Cellphone Lanyardcellphone lanyard

Cell phones have become a necessity for people in daily life. Especially, Almost all mobile phones are smartphones, which means they are not only just a valuable item, but some personal privacy may be leaked when you lose your phone. Cell phone yards can solve this problem very well. Due to the shape of smartphones is designed bigger and bigger. Although you can put your phone in the bag, you can't prevent them from being stolen. However, the possibility of stolen will be greatly reduced if you use a cell phone lanyard.



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The Convenience that Lanyards Bring Us

 Company Lanyards

1. Company

In the operation of the company, the cost is an important factor in purchasing various company supplies. Compare with uniforms, the advantage of the custom lanyard is obvious. First and foremost, the cost of a lanyard is far lower than a uniform. Second,custom lanyards hardly take up no room even though you order plenty of them. Third, they are not easy to get dirty, generally no fading, and easy to dry after washing.  At last, they have practicality.

individual lanyards

2. Individual

As we mentioned above, keychain lanyard and cell phone lanyard had given us lots of convenience in our daily lives. Likewise, you can also choose different style custom lanyards to match your other fashionable accessories, traffic cards or student ID. It may be helpful if a senior with Alzheimer's disease in your family. You can customize a couple of personalized lanyards with an anti-lost card.


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